Pandemic Comforts for Hope and Joy

The brotherly connections of Hank and John Green

John Green with a casual checked shirt  looks at the camera smiling, with his brother Hank Green resting his head on his shoulder, also looking at the camera and wearing a t-shirt and suit jacket.

From the desk of Alicia Kennedy

An arrangement of dark fruit and veg on a black slate surfact — figs, red onion, apples, blueberries, aubergine, dragonfruit. The overall look makes regular fruit look like fantasy.
Photo by Bruna Branco on Unsplash

Dungeons and Dragons

The cover image from the Curse of Strahd playbook with the vampire Strahd lounging on a plush throne, with a dark cape on over a fancy silk waistcoat, and a raven perched on one side of his chair.

The Audicacity substack from Roxanne Gay

There’s so much you get with this substack newsletter— at least three different types of content.

Queer Astrology

a jumbled pile of tarot cards in traditional art style with The Lovers card at the centre.
Photo by Viva Luna Studios on Unsplash



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Ruth Coustick-Deal

Ruth Coustick-Deal


Digital Rights Campaigner | Interested in all things tech + inclusion | Co-host of The Intersection of Things podcast |